Robert Preskill, Attorney and Law Practice Manager

Robert Preskill
Robert Preskill is a California-based criminal defense attorney with experience in a full range of law practice areas. Robert manages the firm’s resources and strategies and enables communication between the client and the legal team.

Robert has managed criminal defense law firm practices and cases relating to DUI, domestic dispute issues, sex offenses, sexual battery, simple battery, theft and possession as well as corporate fraud and embezzlement. Specific assets under evidentiary analysis have involved retail goods, intellectual property, media-related evidence, regulated materials, weapons, drugs, and related paraphernalia. Robert works with defendants and, if appropriate, their families in executing the appropriate strategy in the defense of crimes of high sensitivity and liability. Early in his career, Robert was involved in representation of a variety of civil matters, corporate issues, real and personal property matters, and entertainment / media issues. His broad experience means there are few topics and issues he has analyzed before.

Robert’s counsel in law firm processes, operations and talent management allow for efficiency, communication, momentum and set the stage for successful negotiations. His 12-plus years in a California law practice make him a rare legal professional in terms of technology/communication systems and firm workflow and organization. He is also a noted resource and expert in the Bay Area legal community. Robert, who was raised near Chicago attended the top-20 ranked University of Illinois College of Law (1993) and is licensed to practice in California (2002). He has been a Bay Area resident since 1997. In that time, Robert has served on various not-for-profit boards, and has served on boards and as counsel on several non-profit organizations such as Voice of Witness, California Lawyers for the Arts, and the San Francisco Bar Association, and San Mateo County Bar Association.


Simply the Best

This guy is the best of the best when it comes to criminal defense. I would recommend him to anyone.

Reviewer: Rosalia – July 19, 2017 – San Jose, CA