What Courts Do We Serve? Glad You Asked.

By Robert Preskill | August 21, 2021

One of the questions I hear most often is, “Do you guys do cases in my court?” or rephrased, “Where do you practice law?” Keep in mind that our attorneys are licensed by the California Bar to practice in the State of California. People call us from all over California and we work on cases…

How We See Your Case: Domestic Violence in South San Francisco and Redwood City

By Robert Preskill | August 12, 2021

In the San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City, and South San Francisco Mission Street Court as well as Alameda and Santa Clara Counties (San Jose), we have handled several cases—misdemeanor and felonies — related to domestic violence. People often ask us what our track record is on domestic violence cases or they ask…

Mom Did It Again: Objectives and Challenges in Helping the Elderly in a Criminal Matter

By Robert Preskill | August 12, 2021

As Bay Area / Silicon Valley Criminal Defense Attorneys, we sometimes get calls from family members who are trying to help an elderly parent through a criminal case. Types of Criminal Case in Which an Elderly Person is Involved This could be a theft-related matter, a violation of a protective order or an abuse of…

Don’t Let Santa Drink and Drive: 5 Ways to Avoid a San Mateo DUI This Holiday Season

By Robert Preskill | December 23, 2019

Watch what you drink! Remember those charts you saw when you got your driver’s license telling you how many drinks you can have based on your weight? You should know that these guidelines can get you in trouble. People’s metabolisms process alcohol differently, so you should keep your BAC (blood alcohol content) far below the…

SF To Vote On Waiver of Criminal Court Local Administrative Fees

By Robert Preskill | May 23, 2018

KQED recently reported on an effort to waive debt and local court fees (not all fees) on criminal convictions. It turns out that most of these fees are not collected and there is a sense that a path to the straight and narrow should not involve endless debt. Currently there is more than $15.5 million…

5 Things You Should Know About DUI Cases

By James Dunn | December 2, 2015

Have you been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in California? If so, you probably already know that your future freedom of mobility, your finances, and your reputation are all on the line. A conviction could devastate any number of those three. But did you know that there are 5 things you should know…

Murder Charges Filed Against Albuquerque Police Officers

By James Dunn | January 13, 2015

The final months of 2014 saw numerous headlines from across the United States featuring instances of law enforcement not being held accountable for acting beyond their responsibilities or legal duities. As a result, countless thousands of people have taken to the streets in mass protests, citing rampant police brutality and civil rights violations as the…

Phone Privacy & Search Warrants: Your Rights under the Fourth Amendment

By James Dunn | September 24, 2014

Back in June, Apple announced that the new iOS 8 update would protect your privacy from government intrusion. If this is true, then the only way the police can get your info is if you voluntarily give up your unlock code.

Prosecutors Don’t Always Play Fair

By James Dunn | September 20, 2013

The New Orleans Police Department has a bad reputation in Louisiana and indeed throughout the nation. Widely considered to be among the most corrupt police departments in the United States, the NOPD has a history dating back two centuries, during which time there have been countless complaints of abuse and corruption on the part of…

Immigration Issues in Criminal and DUI Defense

By James Dunn | February 26, 2013

I represent a lot of people who are not U.S. citizens. Whether you’re here on a student visa, an H-1B (H1B) visa, have some other lawful status, or no lawful status at all, you have to think about how your criminal case (including DUI) will affect your status. Silicon Valley thrives on the talent and…