How We See Your Case: Domestic Violence in South San Francisco and Redwood City

In the San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City, and South San Francisco Mission Street Court as well as Alameda and Santa Clara Counties (San Jose), we have handled several cases—misdemeanor and felonies — related to domestic violence. People often ask us what our track record is on domestic violence cases or they ask us to predict an outcome.

Although we cannot promise a result, we help out by developing a process that is consistent yet accommodates the facts in play. We have heard of several strange approaches taken by other firms and we do not approve of everything we have heard. Our goal is to be strong for our client while being as above board as possible, taking in mind the intent and wishes for the ideal outcome of the parties we represent. We also take a look at certain other factors, in part listed here.

How We Evaluate a Domestic Violence Case

1. Did the San Mateo County based parties mutually fight?
2. Were alcohol / drugs involved?
3. Is one party in a Domestic Violence case a perpetual abuser? Is the defendant abused?
4. What immigration status does each party have?
5. Did a concerned neighbor observe and report the alleged domestic violence? What did that party claim to observe?
6. Were children present? Whose kids? What ages?
7. Which party is trying to control the message? What is the message and how closely does that conform with the evidence?
8. A victim has rights and all parties need to respect that. Are the parties able to follow directions from their respective lawyers and follow judge’s orders.

Domestic Violence Defense Strategies

In this blog post, I do not want to state what our domestic violence defense strategies might be. It is important for a lawyer to keep your particular facts in mind when developing a strategy. We provide a free consultation for people seeking to choose a domestic violence lawyer in San Mateo County. We cover Redwood City and South San Francisco courts, and notices arising from Burlingame PD, San Bruno PD, South San Francisco PD, Milbrae PD, San Mateo PD, CHP or CHP-RWC, San Carlos, Atherton, Woodside, Menlo Park and more.

It is important to discuss your matter with an attorney in San Mateo County for your San Mateo case. We can look everything up and give you a basic roadmap and strategy and often that can greatly help your situation.