Don’t Let Santa Drink and Drive: 5 Ways to Avoid a San Mateo DUI This Holiday Season

Santa with champagne

  1. Watch what you drink! Remember those charts you saw when you got your driver’s license telling you how many drinks you can have based on your weight? You should know that these guidelines can get you in trouble. People’s metabolisms process alcohol differently, so you should keep your BAC (blood alcohol content) far below the maximum legal limit. Of course, this will also help keep you and your passengers safe.
  2. If you use a personal alcohol breath tester to check your levels be aware they are not always accurate. These devices may make great gifts and passing them around at a party may remind people to drink responsibly. Just remember you are not simply trying to be under the limit to avoid arrest but under the margin of police error and not under suspicion of DUI.
  3. Remember that your BAC will continue to rise after you stop drinking. Your BAC may drop about .015 per hour after it peaks. The measure of alcohol may be also compounded by the alcohol residue in your mouth and throat. And other factors could involve having some other residue in your mouth, having excess acid in your stomach and natural amount of alcohol in your system for other reasons such as a Keto diet.
  4. If you are under 21, remember that California has a zero-tolerance law. If you are under the age of 21, and you drive with any detectable alcohol in your system. You do not need to be impaired or “under the influence”. You will face a mandatory one-year suspension of your license.
  5. Use Uber or other rideshare companies to get to your holiday parties. Please don’t get in your car after drinking! Pick a designated driver or call a cab or rideshare company.

Happy holidays and stay safe and sober in 2020!

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