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Drug Crime Attorney – San Jose, San Mateo and Palo Alto, CA

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    The Law Office of James Dunn has worked on numerous drug crime cases and is prepared to represent you for any drug related charges you face, including possession, sale, trafficking, manufacturing and other drug crime offenses. The firm understands that drug crimes vary on a case by case basis, which is why working closely with clients to develop personal defense strategies is always a top priority.

    If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, the firm’s experience in criminal defense and commitment to the needs and goals of clients can help greatly reduce the impact of the penalties you face and can bring your case to a favorable resolution.


    Drug possession and under the influence charges are among the most prevalent drug crime offenses. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, including the drug you are accused of possessing, the amount, and your criminal record, you may face stiff penalties. Punishments can consist of large fines, probation, mandatory drug classes and possible jail or prison terms for days, months and even years. The Law Office of James Dunn has defended many clients facing drug possession and under the influence charges and is prepared to aggressively and intelligently focus on getting the charges dropped or reduced or reaching any possible alternative sentencing options you may have available.


    Drug crime charges that are more serious in nature require a strong, aggressive and extremely attentive criminal defense lawyer. Some examples of serious drug crime offenses include:

    • Trafficking
    • Manufacturing
    • Sales and distribution
    • Marijuana cultivation

    Many of these crimes are felony offenses, and if they involve high profile, large scale or interstate operations in the manufacturing, sale or distribution of an illegal drug, they can be prosecuted as federal offenses. The consequences for serious and felony drug crimes can be devastating. Large fines, felony records and mandatory terms of imprisonment are almost standard in such cases. Additional enhancements, including prior convictions, only serve to intensify consequences. If you face a serious drug crime charge, you need the Law Office of James Dunn.


    Although the American War on Drugs rages on, recent understanding and compassion have allowed drug crime laws and penalties to evolve. Criminal penalties often miss the point that offenders may be suffering from severe addictions and drug abuse. As a result, there are certain alternative sentencing options that may be available during your case. These alternatives can reduce or eliminate jail sentences and allow you to get the treatment you need to recover from addiction.

    Proposition 36

    With the California jail and prison system overrun with non-violent drug offenders, the state passed an initiative that changed state law for certain drug crime charges. To qualify for proposition 36, defendants must be first time offenders. Smaller, non-violent offenses typically qualify for proposition 36, including possession charges. If eligible, offenders will be permitted to attend drug and addiction programs, drug diversion courses or comprehensive rehabilitation programs instead of serving jail time. While an offender is participating in these courses, there will be a deferred entry of judgment, meaning that convictions will be placed on hold for 18 months. If all requirements are met after the 18 month period, the case and charges can be dismissed. This allows first time offenders the opportunity to receive the help they need and preserve a clean criminal record.

    Although drug convictions do not always accurately reflect your character or what you stand for, the criminal records that result from drug crime convictions can lead to a future of limitations and social judgment. Criminal records can place tremendous strains on your personal and financial health, and often prove difficult to overcome. If your goals revolve around not only protecting your freedom, but also your future, you need the dedicated legal assistance of attorney James Dunn, who has a 10.0 Rating on Avvo. Contact the Law Office of James Dunn today.