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    Being charged with drug possession is a serious legal problem, but things can get much worse for you if the police have reason to believe you also had the intention of selling or distributing drugs. Intent to sell charge could be filed based upon certain evidence, including the quantity of the drug found in your possession, or that is alleged to have been under your control. If the police find certain kinds of paraphernalia that suggest a distribution process, it will be assumed that you are involved in the illegal drug trade. Similarly, being caught with large quantities of drugs, that is believed to be more than a single person could reasonably consume, will lead to the assumption that drug sales are taking place.

    Drug distribution and drug sales are felony charges, and the penalties that are imposed can be extensive, often decades in state prison, based upon your prior record, the quantity of the substance, and other factors. You could forfeit all of your personal possessions and property if it is believed that you bought these items with money gained through the illegal drug trade. Even after you’ve done your time and paid your fines, you will continue to pay the price of your conviction.


    You are innocent until proven guilty, but you may feel there is little hope of avoiding prison. If you want to have the best chance possible to avoid conviction, you’ll need help from an experienced Bay Area criminal defense attorney. Attorney James Dunn and his team has 18+ years of experience challenging evidence and presenting a compelling defense case to a jury.

    Get in touch with James Dunn today and tell him about your case. The sooner you get started, the better options could exist. It is advised that you exercise your right to remain silent, even if you are completely innocent. Your words can be twisted, and the best action to take is to retain the services of a defender that will protect you.