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When you come to the Law Office of James Dunn for help after an arrest for driving under the influence, you will be working with one of the leading DUI attorneys in California. Mr. Dunn’s work in DUI defense has even led to changes in California law that have improved defendants’ chances of keeping their driver’s licenses.

The firm’s consistent history of success in DUI cases would not have been possible without attorney James Dunn and the legal team’s extensive experience in defending clients charged with a DUI. Founded in 1989, the California DUI Lawyers Association is comprised of top notch DUI attorneys who have proven themselves as skilled and qualified members of the legal community. As a member of the board and a Specialist Member of the CDLA, James Dunn has garnered a highly regarded reputation for success and client commitment.

The minimum requirements for a Specialist Member include:

  • No less than 70 DUI cases, of which not less than 20 have been submitted to jury for decision
  • No less than five PC §1538.5 proceedings to decision
  • No less than five petitions or answers in extraordinary writ proceedings
  • No less than three appearances of record in the CA Courts of Appeal resulting in written opinion
  • Mr. Dunn far exceeds these requirements. During the course of his more than 18 years in practice, he has tried more than 100 jury trials to verdict, litigated numerous motions to suppress evidence and has handled many extraordinary writ proceedings. When you choose to place your case in the hands of Mr. Dunn, you can rest easy knowing that you have one of the most experienced and accomplished DUI lawyers on your side.


  • More than 19 years of experience
  • 80+ trials successfully handled
  • Former prosecutor on your side
  • Legal team includes Harvard attorney
  • Free consultation – Request Yours Today

Choosing the Law Office of James Dunn for your DUI case means placing your future in the hands of a criminal defense team that has a long history of handling cases like yours – and winning. Why would you settle for anything less than the best? Call us or send an email today to discover your possible DUI defenses!


Give yourself the advantage of working with an attorney who has handled cases on both sides of the courtroom. Call on Attorney James Dunn.

Over the course of 19+ years as a criminal attorney, James Dunn has represented clients in nearly 1,500 cases. He is among the most respected members of the Bay Area legal community; in fact other attorneys routinely give him their endorsement and even recommend clients to him. After all, he has a reputation for winning some of the most challenging cases, including some that have resulted in changes to state law.


Depending on the circumstances of your situation, our firm’s attorneys may be able to use a number of different defense strategies. Upon a detailed examination of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, Attorney Dunn can craft a strategy that challenges the arresting officer’s account of the incident and disputes the reliability of the evidence against you.


  • Entrapment: Police officers may not attempt to coax or prompt someone to commit a crime. You cannot be found guilty if your arrest was in any way engineered by law enforcement.
  • Mistake of fact: In some cases, a person may be able to avoid conviction if they can provide a valid reason to believe they were not under the influence. For example, a person arrested for drugged driving can sometimes avoid conviction if they can prove they waited a sufficient amount of time after taking a prescription medication before driving and did not feel its effects.
  • Improper stop: Police officers must have probable cause in order to legally make a traffic stop. Defendants who were stopped under improper means cannot be found guilty.
  • Inaccuracy of chemical tests: The validity of breath, blood, and urine tests can be challenged. Was the officer properly trained? Were the breath test devices accurately calibrated? Was your blood test tampered with or mishandled?
  • Improper administration of sobriety tests: Arrests may be deemed inappropriate if they are based on an incorrectly administered field sobriety test. Horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) tests that detect the effects of alcohol on eye movements are often contested in court.
  • Improper police actions: Did the police officer fake evidence? Were your rights otherwise violated during your arrest?

“I rely on my early experience prosecuting cases every time I prepare to defend a case today. I always try to see the case from the perspective of each of the players. Not just from my opposing counsel’s point of view, but also of the victim, the witnesses, the police officers, and the judge.”


Take for example, Mr. Dunn’s victory in Brenner v. DMV ((2010) 189 Cal.App.4th 365). Brenner saw Mr. Dunn secure a dismissal of his client’s driver’s license suspension, but it had a broader impact in as much as the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing defendants charged with DUI greater power to contest the evidence against them that was based on inaccurate breath testing equipment. Mr. Dunn saved his client’s driver’s license and also made it possible for others to mount an effective defense in their own cases.


Dynamite Lawyer. He Won My “Impossible” Case

I had been kicking back with friends and drinking beer all afternoon. On my way home, I ended up getting into an accident. Nobody was hurt, but the driver of the other car called the cops. I was freaking out. My license was suspended at the time. My breath test was .21, and even Mr. Dunn told me my chances were slim to none. But at that point in my life, a conviction would have destroyed me. So I put my faith in Mr. Dunn and told him to take the case to trial. He was awesome. Not Guilty on all counts! He also won back my License.

Reviewer: Rick – January 23, 2013 – San Jose, CA