Breath and Blood Tests

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    If you were recently pulled over and charged with a DUI because you blew 0.08% or higher into a breathalyzer, The Law Office of James Dunn can help you challenge your breath test results! There are many things that can result in an improper BAC level reading: fermentation in blood testing, rising Blood Alcohol Content, a malfunctioning breathalyzer or a health condition such as diabetes or gastric reflux.

    If you had to submit to a blood test, errors can easily crop up in this instance as well, because although an entire vile of blood is usually drawn, most of the time normally only less than a tenth of an ounce is tested.

    If you believe your blood sample was compromised, The Law Office of James Dunn can look into the matter and will do everything it can to uncover whether:

    • The site was disinfected before blood was drawn
    • Whether a new swab was used
    • Whether the correct motion was used
    • Whether or not the vial had the appropriate seal
    • Whether or not the proper amount of preservative was used
    • Whether the blood and preservative were properly mixed
    • Whether the vial was past its expiration date
    • Because breath and blood tests are administered by humans, taken by humans and analyzed by humans there is great room for error. If we look into your case and discover that your breath or blood test results were erroneous, we can file a motion to suppress all or most of the evidence that is currently being used against you!

    While being arrested for DUI is an alarming situation, you are not defenseless. Errors when administering breath or blood tests occur daily and thousands of individuals in your shoes have had their charges dismissed or reduced for these reasons.

    If you refused to take a breathalyzer test, our firm will also do everything within its power to uphold your innocence and fight for your rights. We will craft the best defense applicable to your situation, no matter what the details surrounding your DUI case!


    Attorney James Dunn has taken more than 100 cases to trial and has more than 18 years of legal experience beneath his belt that he can put to work in your case! When the evidence seems stacked against you and the odds are high, it is imperative that you retain the legal assistance of a skilled, knowledgeable and aggressive DUI defense attorney. A Specialist Member of the California DUI Lawyers Association, Mr. Dunn has the resources you want on your side throughout the duration of your case.