Challenging DUI Evidence

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    In any case involving DUI allegations, your successful resolution depends on your ability to present clear and strong evidence in your favor. If you wish to fight against the stiff consequences handed down by both DMV hearings and criminal proceedings, you need a skillful lawyer who can find the technicalities that will save your license and help you navigate through the legal process. At the Law Office of James Dunn, attorney James Dunn has consistently proven that he knows how to thoroughly investigate cases in order to establish strong defense strategies. In order to limit your risk of suffering the life-altering consequences of a DUI conviction, you need to work with a lawyer who has a clear record of success in challenging DUI evidence.


    DUI cases will always vary on a case by case basis, which is why attorney James Dunn makes it a priority to fully evaluate, analyze and discuss cases with clients. The evidence or technicalities that can play an important role in your case can include:

    Reasonable Cause

    Law enforcement officers must have reasonable cause for making a traffic stop. The officer’s testimony regarding your driving behaviors can create possible contradictions and present evidence of unlawful arrests. Challenging the circumstances surrounding your traffic stop can be used in both your DMV hearing and criminal case.

    Challenging Breathalyzer Tests

    The testing equipment used by law enforcement officers to check the BAC levels of alleged DUI offenders are far from perfect. In fact, BAC testing equipment and strategies routinely result in mistakes and false or inaccurate readings. Working to find testing equipment records or toxicology experts can help challenge the results of your BAC test. Attorney James Dunn has successfully implemented the BAC margin of error defense in many cases. In fact, in the landmark case Brenner v. DMV, he fought these same technicalities all the way up to the California Supreme Court. They agreed with Attorney Dunn and allowed the favorable ruling in favor of drivers to stand as the law of the land.

    Challenging Refusals of Chemical Tests

    Prosecutors work aggressively to convict individuals who refuse chemical tests. In these situations, the technical issue is not whether you did or did not take a test. The key question is whether the officer properly advised you about the consequences of refusing a test. If prosecutors cannot prove that the proper warnings were given, your case can be successfully defended.


    The firm carefully considers these and other essential factors when developing defense strategies for your particular case. During your free case evaluation, attorney James Dunn will leave no stone unturned in closely analyzing the evidence surrounding your arrest, determining your options for defense and walking you through the entire process. Highly experienced and proven as an attorney who knows how to successfully challenge DUI evidence, attorney Dunn is the right choice for legal representation. Contact the firm to learn more about your defense.