Online Virtual Attorney Consultations with Zoom Meetings

Schedule an Online Virtual Attorney Consultation with Zoom Meetings

It's critical that attorneys and clients communicate about their cases on a regular basis. Usually, this means that you come to one of our offices for a face-to-face meeting. But with today's social distancing requirements, this can be a challenge.

The Law Office of James Dunn was one of the first law firms in Silicon Valley to quickly adopt Zoom Meetings as an option for clients meetings. To make it easy for our clients to reach us, we integrated Zoom-based meetings with a scheduling software. Simply click on this appointment scheduling link to set up your attorney consultation.  Initial consultations about your case are offered free of charge, so don't hesitate to contact us by phone, zoom meeting or email so that we can discuss your options.


Throughout his more than 20 years of legal practice, Mr. Dunn has fought more than 100 cases through jury trial and beyond, including successful appeals affirmed by the California Supreme Court. This hands on experience has allowed the firm to accumulate an extensive amount of knowledge in what works and what doesn't at trial.

Mr. Dunn's solid reputation as a tough litigator who is willing to go to trial and fight aggressively and intelligently for his clients can also greatly benefit your case. He has a perfect 10.0 "Superb" Avvo Rating due to his dedication to excellence. Think of it from the prosecutor's perspective: Who has more negotiating credibility, a lawyer who rarely goes to trial, or a lawyer who is not of afraid of fighting for his clients in court?

Your defense team also includes:

  • Harvard Educated Attorney Michelle Spaulding.
  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Mara Feiger who is one of the Bay Area’s only attorneys to hold this elite credential that requires additional examinations and licensing.
  • Skilled Law Practice Manager Robert Preskill.
  • Former District Attorney Christine Bogosian.
  • Immigration Attorney, Jun Kim who assists the firm's non-US Citizen clients who are facing criminal charges.

The Law Office of James Dunn's legal team has an unrivaled track record when taking serious cases to trial and is ready to provide you with the defense that you need to beat the odds. The firm offers free initial consultations with a DUI attorney or criminal defense attorney out of their offices in San Jose, Redwood City, and Palo Alto.


The firm's head attorney, James Dunn, is highly trained and experienced in defending clients at trial. He actively participates in the Trial Lawyers College, a national trial lawyer training organization founded by Gerry Spence, revered as one of the greatest living trial lawyers in America. It was during his time at TLC that he developed the skills, knowledge and genuine passion for fighting for justice at court. Never straying from his down to earth approach to connecting with clients, Mr. Dunn has effectively used his training to sharpen his talents and connect to jurors and judges on the common ground of truth. When you need to find the truth in cases, you hold the key to victory, which is why you need an experienced trial lawyer on your side.


The Law Office of James Dunn could have never achieved such a consistent record of success at trials without the unyielding level of commitment Mr. Dunn brings to each and every case. Unlike other lawyers and firms, Mr. Dunn understands how important genuine working relationships with clients can be and how they can make all the difference in all phases of a case, especially in trial proceedings.

While too many attorneys tend to lose their clients in a haze of legalisms and often treat them as if they were merely numbers, the firm knows that this is simply not acceptable or helpful. The theory behind the firm's approach is simple; in order to win for your clients in or outside of court, you have to care passionately about them. At The Law Office of James Dunn, the firm understands clients on a human level, which ultimately affords the energy, motivation and critical insight to defend them as best as possible.


With so much at risk in criminal and DUI cases, you need to place your trust in a proven trial lawyer who knows how to win in any situation. As the firm understands what is riding on the successful outcome of your case, there will never be a lack of interest or effort throughout your entire experience with the firm. In addition, the firm makes it a point to always address whatever questions and concerns you may have.

Highly experienced, successful and always willing to go the extra mile for clients, the Law Office of James Dunn can provide you with the personal attention you deserve and the skills and passion you need to be successful in your case.