I’m a free man!

I wanted to give James Dunn the credit he deserves. I’m a free man—no legal issues thanks to James Dunn. I’ll be forever indebted to you. Thank you for your legal service and advice your expertise and your genius. Thank you for getting me free of the entanglements I was having with the legal system.

Reviewer: F.C. — August 7, 2018


We are very grateful for his expertise.

Mr. James Dunn was very helpful. Even if most of the time we harrassed him constantly because we just didn’t understand the court procedures. We had never had anything like that happen to our family. He was very patient and provided a private investigator so that the case would be dismissed. The case was finally dismissed and we are very grateful for his hard work. Even when we showed lack of confidence in his abilities at times he continued to give us the best advice and he never gave up on us. He always treated us with respect and explained to the best of his ability what was happening. We are very grateful for his expertise in law and would definitely recommend him to others in similar situations.

Reviewer: Isabel V. — August 1, 2017


Greatest Attorney

Mr. Dunn is a very professional lawyer that will give you satisfaction. He always kept me informed, did a great job, and has so much respect for his clients and cares about his clients, which drives him to give the best representation. Thank you very much for all the help Mr. Dunn.

Reviewer: Brett — May 26, 2015


Dynamite Lawyer. He Won My “Impossible” Case

I had been kicking back with friends and drinking beer all afternoon. On my way home, I ended up getting into an accident. Nobody was hurt, but the driver of the other car called the cops. I was freaking out. My license was suspended at the time. My breath test was .21, and even Mr. Dunn told me my chances were slim to none. But at that point in my life, a conviction would have destroyed me. So I put my faith in Mr. Dunn and told him to take the case to trial. He was awesome. Not Guilty on all counts! He also won back my License.

Reviewer: Rick – January 23, 2013


Get the Best Forget the Rest

If you’re looking for a lawyer to have your back Jim Dunn is your man. Trustworthy and gets results. Fair pricing. In my case that lasted 2.5 years he was able to get all the charges except 1 dropped which was reduced to a nonviolent, non-strike charge. Thanks to Jim I am with my family instead of somewhere else. Jim has what it takes. Do yourself a favor and hire Jim Dunn.

Reviewer: Name Withheld — March 11, 2012


When you really need someone in your corner, CALL JIM!!!

A nearly impossible circumstantial DUI situation, but Jim didn’t hesitate to continue driving the case to dismissal through investigation and presentation of our side of the story. It took a while and was a bit frustrating at times, but worth every bit of the wait as he gathered and presented facts instead of assumptions that lead to the ultimate dismissal. Thanks Jim for patching the canoe and tossing us some much needed paddles!

Reviewer: Name Withheld — February 2, 2012


I’m very impressed

Free consultation service was incredibly reassuring and helpful. I’m being charged with a misdemeanor for petty theft. Within minutes of speaking to the online chat representative Mr. Dunn called and gave me a phone appointment for a few hours later. He then followed up (all of this between other cases/clients) and spent 20 minutes or so on the phone going over my case with me, and I now have an appointment scheduled only 2 days from today. He was very friendly, helpful, sincere, and knowledgeable, and (most importantly in my opinion) he was respectful, and didn’t make any assumptions about my character or about the case itself. I’ve never been in any legal trouble before, and had no idea how important that would be. Overall, I’m very impressed so far.

Reviewer: Name Withheld — November 23, 2011