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Sex crimes are among the most heavily scrutinized, aggressively prosecuted and harshly punished criminal offenses. Although innocence until proven guilty is one of the founding principles supporting America’s legal system, this is often not the case for those facing sex crime allegations. Subjectivity, even within the courtroom, can easily lead to unfair decisions and penalties. If you have been accused of sexual assault, rape, child abuse or another sex crime, you need the legal assistance of a proven criminal defense attorney. At the Law Office of James Dunn, the truth in cases always reigns supreme, and attorney James Dunn works diligently to find, establish and present the evidence and facts to strongly defend your case.


It is no secret that sex crime convictions can lead to a lifetime of repercussions. Depending on the specific crime, penalties can include fines and serious, long term prison sentences. Perhaps the most life altering consequence, however, is the court order to register as a convicted sex offender. With public distaste gaining momentum and volume, convicted sex offenders emerge from prison into a world stacked against them. Severe limitations on freedom, mobility, and employment are nothing short of intense. Invasive parole supervision, public records and a criminal background can also create a devastating impact on all facets of an offender’s personal life.


With such disastrous consequences, legal representation for sex crime charges is vital. In addition, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who will actually fight for you, your rights and your future. By devoting a great deal of effort, energy and time, attorney James Dunn can closely analyze the situation to discover the truth and evidence that can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Sex crime charges and strong cases depend on swift action, which is why the firm offers free case evaluations to all prospective clients. There is too much to lose to be hesitant about retaining a qualified criminal defense attorney who will vigorously defend your freedom. Contact the Law Office of James Dunn today at one of our locations in Redwood City, San Jose, Palo Alto, Dublin/Pleasanton or Oakland.