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San Francisco Bay Area Robbery Attorneys

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    Robbery is a type of theft crime that involves the taking of another individual’s property. Robbery is unique from other theft crimes because it was committed:

    • In the presence of the individual
    • Against his or her will
    • Through the use of force or fear
    • With intent to permanently deprive him or her of this property

    In some cases, robbery is considered a violent crime because of the involvement of threats or use of force. This is a crime that should be taken seriously and handled with utmost care by an experienced and loyal attorney.

    James Dunn, the firm’s criminal defense attorney, has more than 18 years of experience fighting for the rights and freedoms of his clients. You can rely on him if you have been charged with robbery in the Bay Area.

    Do not hesitate to retain the legal assistance that you need for your case. Criminal defense attorney, James Dunn, offers quality legal counsel to defendants of robbery cases and can use his leverage with the courts to pursue negotiations of a reduced charge.


    A conviction of robbery can result in a felony and a strike under California’s Three Strikes law. The penalties and personal repercussions can be very harsh, especially if sentence enhancements are charged.

    Enhancements can be charged for aggravating factors including:

    • Injury to others
    • Use of firearms
    • Multiple victims
    • The criminal defense lawyer’s goal is to aggressively pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf. He can discuss your case during a free case evaluation to get started selecting the most appropriate method of resolution.