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    As California continues to lead the way in the enforcement and prosecution of DUI laws, DUIs resulting in accidents typically place individuals at risk for suffering increased DUI penalties. Depending on the elements involved in your case and accident, especially if an injury resulted, your DUI accident can result in life changing consequences, a criminal record and possible limitations on your future employment and social mobility.

    It is crucial that you have a highly experienced and aggressive attorney from the Law Office of James Dunn evaluate your case for evidence and technicalities that can help you successfully defend your DUI and any additional charges.


    DUIs that result in accidents have a high potential for creating enhanced penalties. In addition to the typical penalties of large fines, court ordered DUI classes and jail sentences, DUI accidents can also create other unique burdens. For example, an accident that causes property damage or damage to public property, such as a fire hydrant or telephone pole, can result in additional financial costs for restitution. DMV hearings will also take the circumstances surrounding your accident into consideration when determining appropriate and enhanced driver’s license suspensions and revocations.

    The most devastating consequences can come as the result of DUIs that result in injury or death of another person. California Vehicle Code § 23153 establishes a separate offense for DUIs causing injuries. This means that you can face additional penalties that include increased fines and up to one year in jail. If your DUI accident resulted in an injury, it is essential that you have legal representation that will work vigorously to protect your freedom.

    In California, accidents are considered an aggravating circumstance in DUI cases and are prosecuted aggressively. With many organizations placing pressure on the legal system to condemn drunk driving and keep roads safe, prosecutors will work diligently to gain convictions. Combined with the potential for extremely harsh penalties, DUI accident cases require strong, attentive and experienced legal representation. Attorney James Dunn has defended many clients whose DUI involved a motor vehicle accident, and he is prepared to fight back against the aggressive prosecution you face during your case. To discuss the particularities of your DUI accident, contact the Law Office of James Dunn as soon as possible.